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Petal Felt Flower


Image of Petal Felt Flower
  • Image of Petal Felt Flower


Orders can take up to 3-4 weeks to complete.
Includes a mini flat felted rug for the centre!

Created by Made 4 Ewe with no other felt flower on the market like this.

Designed for versatility with three separate layers, each layer is joined together with a tie allowing you to secure your flower arrangement. You can use it in a bowl, on the floor or with the petals hanging over the bowl/bucket as you have the ability to use only one layer or all three.

It is designed to allow you to tuck the baby into the centre without effecting the edges and without putting any pressure on the felt that is used to get this beautiful petal effect. Also avoiding it getting soiled! (bonus feature).

With this flexibility you can use it for a twins set up too without compromising the look of the flower!

The two outer petal layers are wired with so to give you slightly more control of your setup without the fuss. You can bend them up or down to give you the look you are aiming for. The wires are not super strong but only there to give you aided support.

Best placed in a shallow round prop bowl with a rolled up towel inside and great to use with 'The Perfect Posie™'.

Made with Merino wool felt and Polyester. All colours are hand dyed to the colour you select. If you would like another colour not shown on my palette, please contact me directly.

Purchase terms: I do not give you permission to use this prop for digital backdrops or commercial purposes. Only to be used for photography to client services.

Aus Post express is used for Australia purchases to ensure tracking is provided. Aus Post standard is used for Overseas purchases as this is trackable to your door. If postage costs me less than what you are charged, I will refund the balance.

POSTAGE INSURANCE - Please advise me via personal message if you would like to purchase insurance. Although 99% of the time we have no problems with shipping, things can sometimes go astray or be damaged in transit. We cannot be held liable for this, and recommend for you to request insurance if you would like to protect your goods.

Thank you for your purchase.

Special thanks to Abby B Photographic Design and Luisa
Dunn Photography for the amazing images.